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I have this little problem...

  • 19th February
  • 19

Another quick post today, as it’s been a long, long, tiring day. Lots of decluttering done, though, with four bags (!) off to the charity shop. I really am trying to prune the hell out of my wardrobe, and I’m hopeful that while I’ll probably never be a minimalist, I may yet get something much more compact.


Scarf: All Saints, remixed.

Jumper: Pull & Bear, remixed.

Belt: Geox, remixed. I will gladly accumulate more double- and triple-wrap belts, though, however much I might wish to otherwise slim down my wardrobe!

Skirt: Topshop Tall. Maybe remixed? I’ve worn it before, if not photographed it for the blog.

Tights: M&S, remixed.

Chelsea boots: Faith, remixed.

Coat: John Rocha, thrifted. This is a men’s large, and way too big, and I found it going for £3 on the end-of-season rack at SCOPE in Liverpool. I love it; it is crazy huge on me, and slouchy and butch and exactly the sort of thing I would’ve worn back in the ’80s. Seriously, the shoulder caps extend several inches beyond my shoulders, the sleeves are way too long, and being a men’s jacket (it’s supposed to be a blazer) it has so many pockets, and good, proper pockets at that. I also love the heavily-distressed grey denim fabric. I could probably fit a puffa jacket under this thing, and still have plenty of room. Have I mentioned how much I love this? Because I do.