she's addicted to clothes

I have this little problem...

  • 25th July
  • 25

I have a lot of skirts, most thrifted. I have a real weakness for them. As a general, but by no means hard-and-fast rule, I prefer separates over dresses, and this is due mainly to sizing issues. I’m tall, but instead of carrying most of my height in my legs, I’m pretty evenly proportioned between upper and lower body, which often gives me bodice-fit issues with dresses. Not that I don’t love a good dress, but skirts seldom give me a problem with fit; at worst, they’re shorter than intended, but as I prefer my skirts on the shorter side anyway, I don’t consider that a drawback, unless we’re talking about a skirt so short I don’t dare bend in it.

Skirts, with few exceptions, tend to be among the cheapest things to thrift, so my willingness to buy almost any skirt I fancy, whether or not I have anything that will go with it, isn’t anything I feel particularly guilty about. Eventually, I always find a way to style them. This particular skirt has been hanging in my wardrobe for the better part of a year, and today I pulled it out on a whim, because I’d enjoyed wearing yellow so much for the July EBEW. I liked it today, as well. I think it’s now safe to say I am unlikely to reject an item of clothing purely based upon it being yellow, which hasn’t always been the case.

Yellow, I apologise. You’re a great colour, and I think I can wear you, after all.


Scarf: Primark. So the other day, I forgot (forgot!) to bring a scarf out with me. It was a pretty grey day, so I didn’t worry too much about the sun. And then the sun came out, and I could feel my un-sunscreened chest starting to sizzle, so I nipped guiltily into Primark, intending to buy the cheapest scarf possible, just to get my rapidly-pinkening chest covered. This one was on a clearance table for a quid, and I was kind of shocked by how much I like it. So instead of hitting the donation pile straightaway, it got put into rotation.

Denim Jacket: Gap, thrifted, remixed.

Tank: Gap, remixed.

Belt: Gap, remixed.

Skirt: Cherokee, thrifted. I love me some paisley. And some pockets, as well.

Bangles: Oasis, remixed.

Shoes: Ancient, remixed.