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  • 14th June
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Lace? Really not me, as a rule. There was lace on my wedding gown, and lace on my First Communion dress, and I’ve got a few pieces featuring knitted lace, which would probably be more properly called openwork, but other than the odd bit of trim here and there, not so much with the lace. Except for this scarf, which really grabbed me, for some reason. I bought it, and then tossed it into the summer scarf pile, and there it sat, until lace came up as this month’s theme for EBEW.

Apparently, I knew to buy the scarf without actually knowing I’d have a purpose for it. It’s precognitive lace, y’all.


Earrings: Liz Claiborne, remixed.

Linen jacket: Principles, thrifted. Me and my little jacket obsession.

Precognitive lace scarf: River Island.

Tee: Gap, remixed.

Skirt: Hobbs, thrifted. I LOVE this skirt. I have been wearing the hell out of this skirt.

Tights: M&S, remixed.

Boots: Duo, Elba, yes THOSE again.

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