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  • 27th February
  • 27

You guys, I figured out why we used to wear tapered pants like this back in the ’80s — it’s because they are AWESOME. Yes, to my total shock, this is one trend I’m hopping. They’re far more flattering to my figure than I ever would’ve imagined, although the photos aren’t doing them full credit; it’s all about the drape and flow. Also, these sort of pants are meant to be loose in the thighs and hips, so they’re not fighting with my figure.

I also think the shorter top is helping this look to work; even though it’s pretty boxy, it, too, drapes and flows nicely, and I think visually shortens my long waist a bit.

In conclusion, I love these pants, I love the black and white trend (which for me is more of the same, frankly, but whatever) and I loved the not-foul weather today that allowed me to wear my moto jacket, and not a heavy wool coat. I felt great in this.


Pendant: Thrifted, remixed.

Jumper: M&S, thrifted. Usually I favour the black top/white (OK, this is more like cream) bottom, when I go for something like this, but I switched it up today, and I’m happy with it. I truly love a mock turtleneck or funnel neck jumper.

Pants: Next.

Wedge Boots: Deichmann, remixed.

Leather jacket: Aviatrix, remixed.

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