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I have this little problem...

  • 26th February
  • 26

Per a reader request in the comments on this post, I am showing how to tie my scarf the way I am wearing it in the photo. Please excuse the dreadfully unflattering and dim lighting, and not-so-great overall quality of the video, and also please excuse my weird mannerisms and eye-rolling; just nervous!

I figured it would be much easier (assuming I don’t cock up the post) to demonstrate this tie visually, instead of trying to explain it in text.

I’d also like to note that I learned this scarf tying method from the sadly now-defunct style blog Tall Girl Blogging. I have no idea if the lovely proprietress of said blog is still lurking about, but nonetheless, I’d like to credit her.

Anyway, there you go! I didn’t actually leave the house with my hair looking like that, by the way — I just clipped it up so you could see what I was doing without my hair getting in the way. Outfit post to follow!