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  • 6th February
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Two other recent-ish additions to the grey and (sometimes) drapey capsule today. This is my first experiment with actually creating a clothing capsule, and I’m already kind of sold on the concept, which I probably would NEVER have heard of, were it not for style blogging. So, my fellow style bloggers, THANK YOU. I may yet get my wardrobe in shape, and spend far less time agonising over what to wear, and feeling helpless because I can’t make up my mind. I don’t do that every day, by any means, but it happens often enough to be frustrating, and worse, it seems to happen in streaks, where I will end up with a bad couple of weeks before I get my mojo back.

This is why I want capsules; so I can just go ahead and autopilot it, with nothing more to decide, on those indecisive days, than what colour/silhouette to wear, and what is most appropriate for my day. I’m not sure what I’ll move onto after I finish with grey and (sometimes) drapey, but it may be black and white, because I’ll be able to switch out components of each capsule into the other once I get them both more or less done.

Anyway, here’s to grey and drapey!


Necklace: Julien MacDonald for Debenhams, remixed. I love this a lot. Great length for a lot of my open-necked tops.

Jumper: Zara, recent clearance. This has a high/low hemline, a look I’ve approached with extreme caution since it first started appearing. This jumper has great potential to work with a lot of my fitted skirts as well as with skinny bottoms, and I especially like how the hem leaves my belt visible up front. I basically always need a belt, and I don’t always feel like tucking in my shirt, but it can look weird with a top pulled down over the sort of belts I generally favour, so this hemline is a pleasant revelation of sorts to me.

Tank: Uh, I think Primark? Remixed.

Belt: Roma, remixed. Made in England, hurrah!

Skinny jeans: Gap. Clearance rack score; I’ve wanted a pair of printed jeans, but I’ve also not wanted to invest a lot in them, in case I didn’t like them. These were the last pair on the rack, and fortunately, they’re my usual size, and the fit in the thighs and hips isn’t bad at all. Also, I love the stars very much. Close-up of my thigh, just to show the print.

Boot socks: I think these are M&S, they are remixed, and great on cold days like today.

Boots: Duo, remixed. Not tired of these yet, not even close.