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  • 26th September
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Awesome shoes, yes? These are the heeled loafers I have been wanting (and trying to find) for AGES, and at last they are mine. Not because I found them, but because the lovely and amazing Gracey happened upon them at (I believe) Nordstrom Rack — on deep discount, no less — recalled that I was looking for them, and offered to buy and ship them to me. She bought, she shipped, I PayPal’d, and the Royal Mail delivered them today. I have made so many wonderful internet friends through this little blog of mine, and aside from being just plain delighted with the shoes, I’m really touched that she remembered something l mentioned in passing a couple of times, when writing about the various items on my wardrobe-hole-plugging hit list, and went to the effort she did. Thank you so much, Gracey! It was a lovely, thoughtful and good-hearted thing to do for one of your internet buddies, and I’m so grateful. They’re perfect.

In other, less awesome news, it’s been raining for three days running. And when I say “three days running,” I mean that vast amounts of water have been falling from the skies for pretty much every second of that time. It’s finally lightened up a bit this evening, but not before we had one hell of a downpour, complete with thunder and lightning. I’m fortunate that my house is about halfway up a pretty big hill, so we’ve escaped flooding, but that’s not the case for way too many people. I haven’t been photographing my outfits, because basically I’ve been in the house, wearing flannel pajama pants with an ancient, oversized jumper, or I’ve been wearing nondescript clothing that dries quickly — basically a raincoat over leggings and tunics — and wellies. Given that I was mostly trapped inside, I finally forced myself to dig through piles and piles of paperwork and get to work with the shredder. It’s kind of embarrassing how much sheer, pointless rubbish I had there, and had just shoved into cardboard boxes. I would very much like our bank, utilities companies, insurance companies, and credit card companies to quit trying to sell us more of their crappy financial and other services via the method of junk mail that I’m too paranoid to just pitch, because, you know, they have our names and addresses and shit like account numbers on them, and it’s all too easy for me to chuck into a box and say I’ll shred it later. (I especially hate the balance transfer cheques one company sends us just about monthly.) I find this especially enraging because they’re always “incentivizing” people to go to electronic payments, by charging more to send paper bills, allegedly to cut waste and (ha ha ha) save the planet, while carrying on sending them obscene amounts of junk mail.

Also, I might be especially enraged because I just spent so much time opening, glancing through, and shredding years and years worth of junk mail because of my own laziness and tendency to procrastinate. Still, it’s done now, and I have a potentially useable system to avoid this ever happening again in place, which unfortunately requires me to keep the shredder somewhere I can see the ugly thing, which at the moment seems to me less annoying than ever going through that again.

Anyway, to the details:

Scarf: Rose & Rose. Speaking of Gracey, this is totally inspired by her recent mixing of bright blue with animal print, and me being struck by how gorgeous it looked, and commenting on her blog that I’d love to try it myself. The very next day, I found this scarf, which I think conclusively proves that Gracey has some kind of unearthly shopping mojo.

Thermal long-sleeve tee: H&M. Oh, man, speaking of wardobe holes it took forever to plug. I always need one of these in my life, and like a fool, I got rid of my old one before finding a new one, on the grounds that how hard can it be to find a thermal black tee? Answer: Apparently REALLY DAMN HARD, as the 6+ months’ search for this thing proved.

Belt: Gap, remixed. Another wardrobe champ.

Jeans: Really Straight Trouser Jeans, Gap. I have wanted a pair of trouser jeans for ages, and they’re pretty easy to find, but not so easy to find in the kind of fit I need, hipless wonder that I am. High waists don’t cut it for me, and I’d have been happy enough to go with a bootcut, except for the thigh and hip fit issues I usually have with them. I just happened to find these hanging out on the Gap’s clearance rack, when I was scavenging it for replacement scoop-neck 3/4-length sleeve tees. (Ana’s Law, I remind you, is “Never pay full price at Gap, but for the most extreme and rare circumstances.”) I tried them on, and astonishingly, they’re a perfect fit. Hoo-rah.

Shoes: Sofft, via Gracey. Two shots today, so you can see the shoes from the side as well. They really are gorgeous; that heel is very walkable, and there is a gun-metal grey 3-link chain across the front of each one, which is great, both because I like how it looks, and because the neutral tone will work with pretty much everything. Very tasteful hardware, which is how I like it, and once again, many, many thanks to Gracey for doing this.

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