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  • 14th September
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The spouse proclaimed this one “avant garde.” He thought the skirt was weird, but that the whole outfit looked cool, even though the skirt was weird. And did he mention the skirt was weird? Not that I didn’t look stylish, but damn, that skirt is…weird. That weird skirt is going to pair nicely with a lot of my All Saints stuff, and I’m very glad to have it, especially since it’s not All Saints, and thus, not PRICED like All Saints.

Also, he added, those flower things on the shoulder are pretty. And they are. Thank you, Megan! Apologies for the very bad closeup of the button flowers, but I was making do, and definitely didn’t want to miss showing them off. They’re really lovely colours, and will work with a lot of my planned winter neutrals palette. (Not that I plan on wearing only neutrals, oh heavens no, just that I’ve got lots of grey stuff.) I especially loved the button flowers with this, because due to the blinged-out wrists and the belt, I really didn’t want to go overboard with a necklace, but I also wanted to add something to the very plain top to break things up a little. The button flowers are very noticeable, but bling-free and very tasteful, so it didn’t feel over-the-top at all.

I have another blogger to thank for this outfit: Gracey. Her stylish wearing of dolman-sleeved tops convinced me to overcome my post-80s trauma, and give it a try. And will you look at that; the one thing I feared most was that my shoulders would look disproportionate in a dolman-sleeve top, but the loose fabric under the arms balances the shoulders, and allows me to get away with a slash neck. I love slash necks, but they do definitely emphasize the shoulders, and when I’m wearing something so fitted at the hips, that’s something I try to avoid. I think the short sleeves are helping with that, too, as they break things up.

The second photo, with my outerwear, and my hair up is what happened when I ran out briefly between the first photos and the final one, and the high winds tried to rip my face off. Lipstick + blowing hair = BAD, so up it went. I don’t do top knots or those hair donut thingies, but I frequently put my hair up in a messy, untucked French twist, and then just jam big faux tortoiseshell pins into it until it sticks. The bottom of any given bag I’m carrying on any given day usually has about four of those, and nine different lipsticks, lip balms, or lip glosses lying on it, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to dig through at least six bags to find a missing lipstick. You would think I’d learn to fully empty my bags when I change them, but I’m pretty sure that’s not ever going to happen at this point. I am a confirmed handbag slattern. Woe.

Happy weekend, everybody!


Jumper: Another merino jumper with a completely forgettable Italian name on it via TK Maxx.

Button flowers: Handmade & gifted by Megan of Megan Mae Daily.

Belt: Topshop, remixed. Again with this belt. I love it madly.

Skirt: Milano, Liverpool. This is some kind of shoe/clothes shop down in the Liverpool One shopping district. I happened to see the faded burgundy version of this skirt in the window and became intrigued by its harem pants-like shape, but obvious skirtitude. I went in, and saw they had this bluish-grey one as well, and was able to instantly justify its place in my wardrobe by mixing up several different outfits in my head one after the other. Its tag says (HA HA HA) “Free Size,” which it is, assuming you’re maybe one size smaller, my size, or one size bigger. I kind of hate that kind of misleading BS. Can we just go to bloody measurements one of these days soon, please?

Valise: All Saints, via TK Maxx.

Leather jacket: Aviatrix, remixed.

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