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  • 17th October
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This one felt slightly edgy to me, just because of the shortness of the, well, shorts. I want to call them culottes, but they lack the front flap, so shorts, I suppose, they are. These were a late-season Zara sale find, last winter, and I wore them once before ( I need to work on my tags, so I’d have a hope of easily linking to that post, I really do) and I like these shorts very much. I’m basically OK with the short hemline, mostly because I don’t have that OMG-going-to-expose-my-arse-if-I-bend-over or ewww-lower-butt/upper thigh-region-touching-bus-seat-without-adequate-coverage fear, since they’re not a skirt, and they don’t hike up much at all, when I sit or bend. Other than the hemline, this is a pretty conservative-looking garment, and with the opaque hose, I think I am just on the right side of the mutton-dressed-as-lamb line, and even if I’m not, you know, so what? I find myself increasingly irritated by the idea that you somehow age out of certain styles. I’m careful about trends and fads, but that says more about my aversion to following them too slavishly than it does about the idea that I’d be doing something wrong if I did . I didn’t voluntarily surrender my personal style license when I turned 40, after all.

I think I’d actually like some more winter shorts/culottes, anyway. I like short hemlines, I have a monstrously huge collection of tights, and with our very frequent high winds in winter, I also really like not fearing the wind is going to cause me to share a little more of myself than I’d like to with passersby. It might make a change from my obsessive skirt-collecting. Skirts and scarves are my two biggest weaknesses, for sure. (And often the cheapest buys/best bargains in thrift shops, in my, er, rather extensive experience.)

Two photos, one of the outfit, one of the outfit styled to go out, by which I mean, I put on a coat.


Coat: Laura Ashley, thrifted, probably my most frequently remixed jacket. I’ve said this before, but I really don’t think of myself as a Laura Ashley person, and yet, some of my best thrift finds have been Laura Ashley items, and I usually end up wearing the hell out of them. (No offence intended to Laura Ashley fans, it’s just the sort of place that I never would think of looking for clothes! I think decor, you know?) Really well-made stuff, for sure.

Flower brooch: I can’t recall, but I got it for like fifty pence at some major retailer like Dorothy Perkins. Liked the rusty colour very much.

Necklace: Next, thrifted, remixed. I wear this thing quite a lot. It’s a good length and works well with neutrals.

Top: Gap, remixed. This is basically a long-sleeve t-shirt with a cowl neck. It layers really well.

Belt: Gap, remixed.

Shorts (Skort? Culottes?): Zara, remixed.

Tights: Dorothy Perkins. Lovely tights, these. No bagging, not a bit.

Boots: Deichmann, remixed.

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