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I have this little problem...


I keep trying to write something about the fashion/style blogs I regularly read, and if not experiencing one of my fits of shyness, comment upon, but I’m having some trouble with it at the moment. I can see why I love this particular collection of blogs, but coming up with a pithy paragraph or so explaining why they all seem to fit together so comfortably on my blog reader is proving impossible. So I’ll just say I like them a lot, and that this is likely to be an ever-growing list, and you should definitely say hello, so I can come see your blog as well. This is just where I’m starting, since I’m still pretty new to this whole fashion blogging thing as of February 2011.

Highly recommended:

Be Fabulous Daily

RAGS Against the MACHINE

Tall Girl Blogging

Fashion for Giants

Interrobangs Anonymous

The Dashing Eccentric

Modly Chic (Home of FBFF)

Style Underdog

The Cohabitating Closet

The Auspicious Life

Already Pretty

Fashion Me Blog

I wish my html skills weren’t so shamefully rusty, but alas, they are, so instead of having a blogroll on the sidebar, as I would like, until I figure out what I’m going to do from a technical standpoint with this here blog, this will have to do.